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We have quality leadership candidates demonstrate strong vision, planning abilities, communication skills, prioritize staff/student development, foster a positive culture, and can even fix a copier (they are that great).


Quality search associates are engaging and personable, possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills, adept at building rapport and forging lasting relationships with clients and candidates alike.


Our interviews are honest conversations and role playing.

Our questions cut through the garbage and prioritize values and experience, leaving no room for made-up answers or tales of pet unicorns. Let’s keep it real!

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What Should Your Search Team Be Aware Of?

Know What You Want
Before looking for a match, it's essential to know what you are looking for in a future leader. This means identifying your organization's values, interests, and goals. We help you identify these needs, talk with your constituents, identify your wins and evaluate your losses.
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Be Honest and Transparent
When you're getting to know a candidate, it's essential to be honest and transparent about who you are, what you want, and what you're willing to give. We will review market equivalences and comparables to ensure you are attracting the right candidates.
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Look Beyond Surface-Level Qualities

While interviews are important, it's essential to look beyond surface-level qualities to find a good match. Focus on shared values, past experiences, history, interests, and goals. Let us help with our custom-designed screening process that shows you the real candidate.
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Be Open-Minded
Keep an open mind when getting to know a candidate. Don't make assumptions based on first impressions, interviews, or stereotypes. Let us help you with bias training for your interview teams and allow for a clear understanding of selection criteria.
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Communicate Effectively
Good communication is key to any successful match. Let our experienced staff help you communicate to your stakeholders at every step, from listening sessions to announcements. Our process and communications gallery is extensive and relevant for today’s stakeholders. We will help your organization listen actively, express yourself clearly, and be respectful and empathetic in your interactions with candidates and the public.
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KEY Search highlights


Identify, Learn, Evaluate, Act, Reflect and Nourish. We got all the stages covered from recruitment to contract.

Community Rebate

a portion of a total contract price refunded to a specific local area fund that impacts community students and families

Search Associates

Quality Search Associates offers extensive experience in public, charter, and parochial school systems, delivering top-notch recruitment services.


A search guarantee is like a dating service, but for job seekers and employers. If we don't find the perfect match, we'll repeat at no cost*


Gain insights into the job market, target candidate demographics, and to inform recruitment strategies and decision-making.

Job Board

An educational job board for all levels is a platform where employers can post job openings for teachers, administrators, and support staff across different educational institutions.

Ed Hunter Profile

An educational assessment that profiles all aspects of a candidate evaluates their academic knowledge, skills, learning style, personality traits, and potential for success in a specific educational program or job.

District Profile

A school and district profile that allows candidates to know them provides information on the institution's history, culture, programs, policies, and achievements to aid in making informed job decisions.

relationship based

A search process that emphasizes prior relationships leverages existing networks and connections to identify potential candidates who have a history of success in a similar role or industry, ensuring no surprises.