ED Hunter


Looking for an Educational Leader in Minnesota? Look no further than School Pro! We have connections with Superintendents, Principals, Directors and all positions education in Minnesota.Our team of expert searchers will comb the land of 10,000 lakes to find the perfect candidate - or at least someone who can handle the cold winters!

School Pro Sparx

Organizational DEVELOPMENT​

If your school members need professional development, call School Pro! We'll find the perfect trainer to teach them everything from algebra to zen meditation - or at least enough to survive until summer break!



Lost in the weeds of your school's strategic planning? Let School Pro guide the way! We'll execute your mission and vision with a proven operating system - or at least come up with a new buzzword to make it sound like we did!


Individual Development

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed in the challenging landscape of education? We understand that leadership can be a tough journey, but you don't have to go through it alone. At School Pro, our team of experienced mentors and life coaches are dedicated to helping you navigate through the difficulties and succeed in your role. Let us be your trusted guide and support system as you navigate the waters of education.

The School Pro Cycle of Empowerment

The School Pro Cycle of Empowerment is a holistic and interconnected suite of services designed to drive growth and excellence in the field of education. At its core, this cycle is all about fostering empowerment at multiple levels, from individual educators to entire organizations.

Ed Hunter Search and Recruit initiates the cycle by identifying and recruiting top talent in education. These individuals become the catalysts for change and progress within educational institutions.

Once talent is in place, Pro Sparx: Organizational Development steps in. This phase focuses on enhancing the collective capabilities of educational organizations. Through carefully selected trainers and speakers, Pro Sparx empowers schools with fresh insights, innovative strategies, and leadership development to elevate their performance.

As educators and institutions grow, it’s essential to nurture individual development. ProSphere: Individual Development ensures that educators receive personalized mentorship and executive coaching. This phase empowers them to reach their full potential, which, in turn, benefits the entire educational ecosystem.

Finally, R3: Rapid Response Roadmapping ties the cycle together. In the ever-evolving landscape of education, quick adaptation is key. R3 provides the agility needed to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities. By mapping out strategies that align with the talents and expertise acquired through the cycle, educational institutions can navigate change with precision and confidence.

The School Pro Cycle of Empowerment is a continuous, reinforcing loop. It starts with finding and empowering exceptional talent and culminates in the ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing educational environment. This cycle ensures that empowerment is not just a one-time event but a sustained process, creating a culture of excellence in education.