Welcome to School Pro K12’s R3: Rapid Responsive Roadmapping program! We understand that the educational landscape is constantly evolving, and schools need agile strategies to navigate these changes effectively. With R3, we offer a dynamic approach to educational planning, helping institutions adapt swiftly to emerging challenges. Our team of experts, led by Dr. Eric Skanson, utilizes data-driven insights and years of educational leadership experience to craft tailored roadmaps that empower schools to thrive in today’s ever-changing environment. Join us on this transformative journey as we map out a brighter future for education together.

The Power of Simplified Planning



In the world of strategic planning, time is often of the essence. Our Rapid strategy development process is designed for those who need quick yet effective planning. We streamline the process, delivering actionable insights and plans at an accelerated pace



Adaptability is at the heart of our Responsive strategic planning process. We align your organization's strategies with the ever-evolving landscape, ensuring you stay agile and prepared for whatever comes your way.



Effective planning is all about having a roadmap. Our Roadmapping process is like GPS for your organization, providing a structured path to your destination while allowing flexibility to adapt to detours along the way.

Key Elements


Operational excellence is woven into every aspect of our process. We believe that strategic plans must not remain static documents but should translate seamlessly into actionable operations. Our operational approach ensures that your strategies are designed to be executed efficiently and effectively. We focus on practicality, resource allocation, and performance measurement, ensuring that your organization can implement and adapt to achieve its goals with precision and agility.


Visibility is a cornerstone of our process. We understand that a well-executed plan is only effective if it's communicated, understood, and embraced by all involved. Our visible approach ensures that strategic goals, progress, and performance metrics are transparent and accessible to everyone in your organization. This fosters accountability, alignment, and a shared sense of purpose, driving the successful implementation of your strategic initiatives.


Inclusivity is at the heart of our process. We believe that diverse perspectives and voices are essential for effective strategic planning. Our inclusive approach ensures that all stakeholders, from leadership to front-line employees, have a seat at the table. We encourage open dialogue, collaborative decision-making, and the incorporation of varied viewpoints, creating strategies that resonate with everyone and drive lasting success.

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