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Presently, we extend our services to public, charter, and non-public schools and districts nationwide.

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School Pro

Our Origin and PHilosphy

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A group of passionate education professionals...

School Pro, a comprehensive education solutions company, is the result of a merger of four primary divisions, each specializing in different facets of educational enhancement: Ed Hunter Search and Recruitment, Pro Sparx: Organizational Development, Pro Sphere: Individual Development, and R3: Rapid Responsive Roadmapping. This powerful union was born out of the recognition that schools often face challenges in acquiring the necessary resources to deliver the highest-quality education to their students, and School Pro is dedicated to addressing these needs.

One of School Pro’s flagship services is Ed Hunter Search and Recruitment. They cast a wide net, not only in Minnesota but across the nation, to identify top-tier educational leaders, from superintendents and principals to directors, and connect them with schools seeking their expertise. Additionally, School Pro assists schools in recruiting exceptional teachers and staff, ensuring that students have access to the very best educators.

However, School Pro’s commitment goes beyond recruitment. They understand that ongoing training and professional development are essential for schools to stay current with the latest teaching methods and technologies. As a result, School Pro offers a diverse range of training and development services, including in-person workshops and online courses led by recognized content specialists.

Furthermore, School Pro acts as a bridge between schools and seasoned professionals from various fields nationwide. They bring in speakers and consultants who share their insights and knowledge with educators, providing fresh perspectives and innovative tools to enhance teaching practices.

For schools seeking to enhance their programs, School Pro is the ultimate partner. They offer a comprehensive solution, from sourcing top-tier educational leaders and teachers to delivering training and professional development opportunities. By connecting schools with unique and innovative resources, School Pro ensures that students receive a top-notch education.

Don’t delay in elevating your school to new heights. Contact School Pro today to discover how their services can help you achieve your educational goals. Let’s collaborate to create a brighter future for our students and communities together.